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ADJ Sheet Metal is a custom sheet metal fabrication and installation company serving Maryland, Virginia and DC metropolitan areas, as well as Baltimore and Richmond, since 2002. Based 30 miles south of Washington, DC, in White Plains, our company is over 250 industry veterans strong and our 45,000-square-foot manufacturing facility provides us with the space to tackle challenges of any range. ADJ serves the entire metropolitan area with commercial special projects, design-assist, tenant renovations, and new construction projects.

ADJ EXPANSION – To accommodate current demand and growth, ADJ Sheet Metal is pleased to announce that we have added another manufacturing facility! The facility is located at 4545 Graphics Drive, directly across from our main building of operations in White Plains, MD. This adds 57,000 square feet of manufacturing space to our existing 45,000 square feet, leaving us better equipped than ever to handle your sheet metal needs!

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At ADJ Sheet Metal, we are dedicated to providing a safe, friendly, productive working environment for our employees with the ultimate goal of providing a quality sheet metal product and installation as we strive to be a leader in our industry, with a high standard of Customer Service, Reliability, Technology, Innovation and Integrity…. Moving Forward

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Our company provides a wide range of solutions in construction, custom sheet metal fabrication, BIM coordination, duct fabrication, and specialty construction projects to clients both large and small in scale. No job is too big or too small!

Experienced Sheet Metal Contractors Serving the DC, Richmond & Baltimore Metros

At ADJ Sheet Metal, we are expert sheet metal workers and so much more. Our team can handle any custom ductwork and sheet metal service you need, and we can also tackle estimating and BIM coordination to make your entire project run smoothly. Our cutting-edge sheet metal shop is fully automated and equipped with every tool we could possibly need for your custom sheet metal fabrication job—no matter how complicated it is.

When you need commercial sheet metal contractors and fabricators “near me” in Northern Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, DC, there’s only one team you need: ADJ.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sheet Metal Fabrication

As a large company handling dozens of projects at any given time, our team at ADJ Sheet Metal often receives questions about our sheet metal fabrication services and what the process involves. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive:

What is sheet metal fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication is the process of creating a finished product from raw sheets of steel, aluminum, copper, or other metals. This involves cutting, forming, and joining sheet metal together to create a finished product that is tough and durable, but lighter than a solid metal structure.

What is the sheet metal fabrication process?

The three basic processes involved in sheet metal fabrication are forming, cutting, and joining. Forming uses specialized machines to shape the metal according to the project’s needs, using techniques like stamping, rolling, bending, or stretching. The cutting process uses shears, blades, machining tools, lasers, water jets, or CNC tables to cut the metal to a desired shape and size. The joining process uses techniques like welding, brazing, spot welding, or riveting to join sheet metal pieces together or to an underlying structure. At ADJ Sheet Metal, we have two fully equipped fabrication shops to handle any project, large or small.

What are the types of fabrication?

Some of the most common fabrication methods are stamping, punching, folding, cutting, and welding. Stamping uses a set of dies under high pressure to form sheet metal into three-dimensional shapes. Punching uses a punch and die to create holes of a particular size and shape in sheet metal. Folding uses a press brake to crease or fold sheet metal. Cutting uses shears, blades, lasers, water, or a CNC plasma table to cut the metal to a particular size and shape. Welding uses high voltages to join two pieces of metal together by melting a filler material that bonds to both surfaces. Other fabrication methods include machining, rolling, and stretching,

What materials do you work with?

At ADJ Sheet Metal, we work with a wide range of sheet metal products that include cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, magnesium, zinc, and more. Our expert fabricators can create anything from rectangular and spiral lock-seam air ducts to custom HVAC cabinets, sheet metal fittings, electrical enclosures, and more. We also work closely with our clients to complete custom projects of all types.

Do you have more questions about sheet metal fabrication? Call ADJ Sheet Metal today at (301) 283-3000 or contact us online to speak with one of our experts in the DC area today.

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